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TTK Is Fully Functional In Production And Support


Dear clients and partners,

The French nationwide lockdown is extended until May 11th, as announced on 13th April by Emmanuel Macron.

However, you can continue to be assured that TTK in France is still fully functional in production and support. Our activities have continued without interruption since the beginning of confinement and this will continue. 

  • The manufacturing, quality and technical support team remains in place. All the team is present in the workplace to ensure the continuity of material supply, production and testing. The production line is running fully, with orders prepared and shipped worldwide on a daily basis. Preventive measures are taken to ensure the safety and health protection of all coworkers.
  • The top management, administration, accounting, logistics, marketing and CAD drawing sees no change, with everyone available to keep the company running as usual, even in home office. 

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us should you require any assistance; we are all here to serve and support you and our clients.

Take care.


TTK team in France

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