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Need to Protect Your Premises From Both Water and Oil Leaks? What You Need is A FG-NET Digital Panel!

How it works?

With 3 independent circuits, a FG-NET or FG-SYS digital unit is capable of monitoring and protecting a whole building, from different leak risks, as the below schematic example shows:

  • The FG-NET is connected and report to the BMS;
  • Its first circuit protects several rooms on different floors -- with Water Sense Cables;
  • Its second circuit protects a data hall -- with Water Sense Cables;
  • Its third circuit protects the generator and a fuel tank which feeds the generator -- with Oil Sense Cables.


Why it works?

  • TTK digital panels can detect simultaneous leaks, multiple alarms will be shown on the screen in this case. No single leak is missed.
  • Up to 1800 meters straight line distance can be monitored by a TTK digital panel. That’s more than 4 times larger than the perimeter of a soccer field. Up to 7500 meters for FG-NET when combined with FG-BBOX devices.
  • Flexible system design: Whatever the buildings architectural design, TTK digital systems will suit it by using both linear and sector installations. (Know more about system design)
  • No need for any slave panel. Each sense cable is independent, it acts as a leak detector and at same time a slave device transmitting information to the panel.
  • TTK digital panels are robust. The expected life time is more than 15 years.


The Advantages with Only 1 FG-NET Panel

  • Less equipments to be installed.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Information is centralized on the sole digital panel and on the BMS.
  • Easy installation and simple system extension.


So why complicate things when we can make it simple -- with only 1 digital panel?

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